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Admin Page no Saved!!!

I have with the best version v1.216, built Aug 13 2018 18:00:05
I have problems changing the data in admim by accessing via kiwisdr.local: 8073 / admin when making changes in the fields.

after making all the changes of user, location, etc. I execute in the page the restart and to re-initialize not the information not this save.

I used Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and unsuccessful browsers when saving the data.
any can you help me




  • when you enter the URL without the /admin and you get to the normal user page, can you enter the frequency?
  • yes all ready in principal page, only admin page not save my data.
  • Give me a few hours to answer. About to get on a plane..
  • @Hugobmf

    I have just tried editing and saving a configuration on the admin pages and it worked OK for me running v1.216

    When you enter a new value in to a text box, and then press 'enter', do you see the text box turn green for a short period ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • jksjks
    edited August 2018
    Sorry, a few hours turned into many days..

    What's the status of this problem? The only thing I could think of is if the filesystem on the Beagle has filled up. That might prevent saving of the new values if the configuration file(s) needed to grow. But that's pretty unlikely.

    If you can login to the Beagle from another computer via ssh/PuTTY, or using the console tab of the admin page, then type "cdk" to get to the /root/kiwi.config directory. As you make changes to the admin configuration the changes should be reflected in the admin.json or kiwi.json files. Also, use the "lt" command to see if the file modification times are updating.

    Is your Kiwi publicly available on the Internet? If so, let me know the URL and I can check it myself.
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