S-meter extension

Could it be made even slower so logging over hours would be practical?


  • Hi John,

    This week I've been trying to use a number of KiWis to perform some antenna field strength measurements, but its been a somewhat frustrating process.

    So I'd also like to echo Jim's request for an option to allow the the S-meter logging period to be even slower, perhaps up to 24hrs, so that I could also use it to monitor changes in my noise floor, signal levels from BC stations and other propagation related monitoring.

    It's currently a real pain to have to derive this information from the graph image and the subsequent visual resolution is only about 3dB or so, it's also difficult to check for max values over a period of time or try to determine the signal average level. I know there is already a request to provide this functionality, but I also know that there are more pressing or higher priority fixes to be implemented first.

    I wondered if it would be possible to add a function to store and be able to download the graphed dBm values as a CSV file. Each value to be timestamped and the header to the contain frequency and RX bandwidth.

    This would permit much more detailed off-line analysis of max /min values, averages and other trends, which wouldn't need to be added to the existing graphing option. Maybe sampling intervals could be defined or automatically selected as a function of logging period so that huge files are not generated. Each time the S-meter restarts the file could be overwritten, perhaps a bit like the fax image files ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
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