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I use the KiwiSDR in a somewhat original set-up. i have it in a container in the garden, connected to USB power packs. It connect to my LAN via a little WLAN dongle, that connects to the Ethernet port. I have moved the box/antenna away form the house to eliminate as much interference as possible. that works well. However every once and a while the config gets disconnected from the WLAN. This happens randomly, fortunately not very frequently.
What I am wondering: is there any way to force it to reconnect automatically?

I have the box outside during the night monitoring NAVTEX and MW/HF DSC stations, so I am not present to reconnect manually.

Suggestions welcome!



  • "config gets disconnected from the WLAN"

    What does that mean exactly? What are you looking at that is different? Is it the Kiwi local ip address disappearing from your router DHCP table?

  • Hi,

    No, one way or the other the WLAN gets disconnected, so the dongle looses the connection to the AP. The browsers stop. IP address does not change I have a fixed IP address. But I have to manually reconnect the browser to continue receiving.

  • Assuming your WLAN is WiFi, check the software supplied with your dongle and you should find an optional selection to automatically connect to available WiFi networks. Even if it is something other than WiFi there probably will be an automatic wireless connection option that you can select.

  • I just realized that your dongle probably is plugged directly into the BeagleBone Ethernet port. If so, a Linux internet connection manager called ConnMan probably can be installed or configured, if already installed, to accomplish automatic re-connection. However, installation and configuration won't be easy unless you are experienced with Linux command-line operations and could cause difficult-to-fix operational problems if you do something wrong or there is a compatibility problem with existing software.

  • Hi,

    Yes, the dongle is plugged in to the BBG ethernet port. I am familiar with LINUX ConnMan. I'll look into it, after making a backup. The Dongle does not have the option from your previous email, but I think I have found the cause: I use two battery packs to feed the dongle and the kiwiSDR. One pack feeds the other and when the feeding pack is empty, the dongle disconnects, although the primary pack is still at 100%. The solution is to have a dedicated pack for the dongle. The BBG/Kiwi does not seem to be impacted by the empty feeding pack. I'll try this option before the ConnMan option.

    The problem will probably go away soon as we are currently suffering severe winter weather, with last night -10°C. Tomorrow temperatures here at the Cote d'Azur will go back to normal at around 12°C overnight. Batteries don't like cold weather, I guess.

    Thanks John for the suggestions and your time. I really appreciate the excellent support!

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