add DTG to Log

dx.json is a nice source of logged info but lacks any date time info. It'd be great if when a station is added or modified that DTG was added. 

16:10 Nov 18, 2017  would be 1610NOV182017 which is compact but can still be parsed 


  • I wanted to spot New Zealand and Japan stations last night and had to resort to using all manual entries in the DX Cluster softwarre (VE7CC). Ten Tec used an ini file to transfer CAT data between softwares for the Ten Tec Pegasus, ORION, and other Ten Tec Radios. MixW, HDSDR, and other software were written to take advantage of this constantly updated ini file, sending and receiving, frequency and mode information.

    Long story short; if the KiwiSDR wrote a file in the same ini format as Ten Tec used, software such as MixW would provide, logging, DX cluster spots and the ability to send spots to the cluster. Such software would automatically change frequency and mode according to how either connecting software was immediately set by the user. Change the KiwiSDR and MixW adjusts, change MixW and the KiwiSDR adjusts.

    I've read that John has future plans for the dx.json format and use. I can imagine that file being redesigned to provide a data interface to other connecting software on the user's KiwiSDR instance. 
  • The ADIF format is used a bunch for log books. It never caught on for other uses, as far as I know. 

    The Ten Tec Pegasus file transfer system works with Icom, Kenwood, Ten Tec,HDSDR, MixW, Elecraft, Flex radio, several logging and cluster programs, and many others for frequency and mode control.

    Now that the VAC solutions are well described to use external programs with the KiwiSDR, it is only this detail remaining to fully integrate the KiwiSDR with most amateur external programs and transceivers. Although the KiwiSDR is not really suitable for transceive operation due to latency.

    For what it is worth.
  • Hi,

    I'd also like to add the KiWi ID to the time and date, so that it makes it easier to use the data at some later date if a centralised database is ever established.

    Covered in these previous threads.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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