Select band dropdown [can it be customized?]

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Hello,My name is Mike, N8OOU, I have had the Kiwisdr for a few days now and am learning something new about it every day.

My question is can the choices inside the Band Selection be changed to my preferences?
I have read the docs, checked the forum messages and performed some exploring of the filesystem.   So far I have not figured out how to accomplish this.

Any guidance would be appreciate,   Thanks

73 Mike N8OOU


  • Hi Mike,

    On the bug/wish list is the ability to have "user preferences". Ones you can set that will apply to all Kiwis you subsequently visit. Some preliminary work has been done on this but it is not available yet. Customization of the band menu could certainly be one of these. See:

  • OK, Thanks for the explanation. I saw the "user preferences" bug report, I didn't mentally include the band menu with it.  

    An item such as the band menu could lead to much discussion as to if it's main association is with the radio location, or the user's location.  Also a factor, is the user interested in ham, broadcast, or utility listening.
    How about the idea that  in place of the drop down menu with x choices, it becomes just an input  like "80" and the program displays the cw portion of the ham band zoomed appropriately to fill the screen.  75 for phone, 41 for the broadcast band..... A quick way to jump around the spectrum and nothing needs to be customized.

    I'm glad I'm not the one who must choose the outcome of this one.  Good Luck.

    Mike N8OOU
  • I could pretty easily add non-numeric input to the frequency box. So type 80m to go to some pre-defined frequency in the 80 meter band.

  • or AMBC callsigns mapped to KHz ?!
  • jks, that sounds like a good start to me and would allow for quick band hopping.  It should be a simple calculation to convert the wavelength to frequency. 
    Maybe you could tie into the dx.json file and jump to the first matching ident in a future revision.


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