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browser audio [issues with VAC routing of audio]

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HI is there any way to get the kiwi audio routed to a decoder , cw , rtty or any alien decoder,
even when the audio of the actual web-browser page is muted ?


  • .... maybe that option is not needed by anyone other?
    or not solvable at all ?
  • what operating system do you run browser on?
  • HI ZKD , my OS is win7, I have already used the VAC under win XP years ago.
    I will give it a try again even if in win7 there is already a sort of virtual_audio .
    My thought is that VAC should not work as the audio output in the browser stops when muted by the TAB_speaker_icon.
    There should be in the browser_audio_flux a sort of line_in separated from the line_out audio, but I am not a progammer so
    can only guess at it.
  • Hi,

    In order to get the sound from the browser to a Virtual Audio Device you need to reroute the sound I use Audio Router 0.10.2 to do so. For HFDL it kind of works, I tried NAVTEX and there I haven't found the right settings yet. Alternatively you make a VAC your default sound device, but I find that highly unpractible.


  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    I posted an answer to this in the recent DRM thread.

    The VAC I use on my Mac has a option called "mute audio sources". I have the browser output setup as the audio source to be fed into the Dream DRM app. So selecting this option prevents the browser (Kiwi) audio output from going to the speaker/headphones while still being routed to Dream. Output from Dream goes to the default output device which is still the speaker/headphones. So you don't hear the Kiwi DRM modulation but you do hear the Dream audio output.

    The VAC for Windows should have a similar option or some way of getting a similar effect.

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    There isn't such an option to VAC for Windows. The only way to decode without hearing the DRM undecoded signal is to define as default audio output to the pc the "Virtual Cable" (so to mute the speakers) and then:
    Settings -> Sound Card -> Signal Input -> VAC1 .... and
    Settings -> Sound Card -> Audio Output -> the real sound card of the pc

  • The same steps if you need to route Kiwi's audio to another decoder, for other modes.
  • Here there are four virtual cables, but you can setup only one:
    VAC can be downloaded here:

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