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The router in my parent's house is unable to login to DDNS.NET which is not configured inside, would it be possible to include the DDNS registering into the KiwiSDR ?



  • Hi,

    Not sure I understand. Do you mean you are unable to run the DDNS client code from ddns.net/noip.com on another computer on your local network? Or that the DDNS client built-in to your router is unable to connect to ddns.net?

    Interesting that you mention this because I had another customer who asked a similar question. He wanted to know if I could include a Debian DDNS client on the Beagle itself and include a user interface for it on the Kiwi admin page. That is possible, but it would take some work. And people would probably want it tested with multiple DDNS providers, etc. It would be a nice feature though..

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    F1JEK might want to specify which router he has - I don't think all routers on the market have DDNS capability built in. My Huawei E5186s 4G modem/router for instance has not.

  • Netgear "something1000", only configurable on DynDNS, not no-ip/DDNS.

    And there is no computer in this house, only an android tablet.
  • dyndns.com (dyn.com) looks to be a managed DNS subscription service with no free dynamic DNS client.
    So it looks like integrating a DDNS client into the Kiwi is the solution in this case. I will try and get that working. I might have to pick one provider (noip.com) and limit the configuration support to them for now. As it so often turns out you spend MUCH more time coding the user interface than the actual functionality of whatever it is you're trying to implement. 

  • no-ip seems a good choice.:-)
  • No-IP is free for limited accounts and this will be a better idea, instead of dyn.dns
  • Yes yes, this is why I will not use dyndns which is the only one proposed in the NetGear 1000 modem-router.
    And this is also why I need a solution to "register" a Netgear 1000 to no-ip without having a PC.

    If it is not possible to include the no-ip client in the kiwi, I will use a Raspebrry just for this usage, I only need to know that I need to buy another Raspberry for this (I already have 4 or 5).

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    If you're going to the trouble of using an R-pi to run a Linux command-line based DDNS client you could just consider logging onto the Kiwi Beagle and installing one there. That's essentially what I'm going to get the Kiwi software distribution to do. Just like it automatically installs things like fftw, avahi-autoipd and miniupnpc. Here's what I did to search for DDNS clients supported by Debian on the Beagle:

    root@kiwi:~# pks dyndns

    available pkgs:

    ddclient - address updating utility for dynamic DNS services

    dyndns - dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client implemented in Perl

    ez-ipupdate - client for most dynamic DNS services

    ipcheck - Dyndns.org client to register your dynamic IP address

    tinydyndns - pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns

    root@kiwi:~# al pks

    alias pks='echo available pkgs:; apt-cache search'

    So the "pks" command is a Kiwi shell alias for the apt command needed to search all the available packages. I was looking at using the ez-ipupdate client. To install it so you can look at its man page just do "pki ez-ipupdate" (pki is an alias for "apt-get -y install"). See all the pk aliases by typing "pk".

    Note that I have not actually tried using this DDNS client yet (with, for example, noip.com)

  • I've used the noip client for several years. It works just fine on a Raspberry PI running Debian.

    Ron - KA7U
  • Yes, thanks a lot. I will configure one of my raspberries and install it in my parent's house, waiting for another solution.
  • FWIW - after John helped me with my DDNS issue, I decided to buy one year on no-ip. My TP-Link 4G modem/router is highly configurable, so no problems with DDNS once I learned it.

    Bjarne Mjelde
  • jksjks
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    I've used no-ip.com in the past for their free and managed (paid) DDNS, and more recently for domain and email hosting. They are okay. A few outages per year it seems which is always annoying.

    The DUCs I mentioned earlier didn't seem to support no-ip directly (not in their auto-configure list) which seemed pretty strange. Maybe all that code is super old and predates no-ip becoming popular. So I took Ron's suggestion and downloaded the source to no-ip's Linux DUC. Of course it tries to be clever by forcing you into a terminal interactive configuration mode to test your login to their site and selection of the hosts you have pre-registered. That's fine, but no good for interaction with the Kiwi admin interface where I need command line control of everything. Their command line stuff does 80% of what I need it to. I'm going to have to dig into the code and add the missing 20%. Always something it seems..

  • Problem solved, a rasberry(*) will do for some time the DDNS registering, time for me to find another solution.

    With the noip2.sh as a service :-)
  • noip.com's DUC (DDNS update client), with an admin interface on the network tab, will be in the v1.81 update. Works a treat! (as Dave Jones of EEVBlog would say)

  • Instructions for using the new integrated DUC are here: http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html#id-net-duc

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    YESSSSS !!!  :-bd  ^:)^
  • I have "received" the 1.81 update on the Kiwi, it would be perfect for no-ip except that I have several hosts configured so I get an error message : "more than one host defined on your account at noip.com; please correct and retry"

    A host name is missing : in the routers configuration, you have 3 fields : host name, login, password.

    Thanks a lot.
  • You could take "Server domain name" wich in the sdr.hu tab ?
  • Because of how noip.com's DUC works it will be more difficult to handle the case of an account with multiple hosts defined. I just implemented the simplest case (an account with only one host). I'll have to look at it more closely.
  • Argh... ok, thanks for the job already done. :-)
  • will keep my raspberry for some time.
  • I had to revert the entire v1.81 release for other reasons. So no DUC for a while..

  • Okay, the DUC in v1.83 being released today has a field on the admin page for specifying one of the hostnames you've configured on noip.com

  • OUAOUUUUH ! :-)
  • Will try tomorrow as I will go to update the antenna at my parent's house.
  • Okay, good. Please let me know if it works for you.
    I ended up having to understand that DUC code much more than I wanted to, lol.

  • >DUC started successfully
    Yes yes yes it works (thanks remote control of Kiwi). Thanks a lot ! I remove the RPI tomorrow.
  • Hi,

    Just a question, what is the update period of the DDNS ?

  • 30 minutes, which is the default in the original noip.com DUC. We could make an admin page setting for this I suppose.

  • I think that 30' is a good value, don't worry.
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