KiwiSDR Clock Lags?

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I keep my PCs with radio connections constantly time synced with Dimension 4. It appears that the Kiwi clock is 7 seconds behind, both on local and external connections.



  • There is supposed to be a Debian/Linux NTPd process running to keep the time in sync, much as Dimension 4 does on your PC. However I often find after some time it crashes and doesn't automatically restart. I've never been able to figure out why. NTP is a Linux thing separate from the Kiwi server code.

    Login to the Beagle and type "scs ntp". If it says anything other than "active (running)" then do a "scre ntp" to restart it. The Kiwi server will also now set the Beagle time to the GPS time if it finds the Beagle time differs. That's another reason to attach the GPS antenna and get it placed in a good location.

  • Yes, I should have considered the effect of the absent GPS antenna. Some may wonder why absent, the reason is that I'm running the KiwiSDR on a metered and capped internet connection with no antenna, just for measuring usage.
  • One thing I could do I suppose is have the Kiwi server occasionally check for NTPd running and restart it if necessary.

    Something like that always sounds simple. But when it comes to implementation there are always funny edge cases to consider and the possibility I'll release a version that bricks everyone's Kiwi. I've been lucky about that so far..
  • But I understand from your first response that an attached GPS will eliminate the timing error? If that is the case, I don't really see the need for any other solutions.

  • Yes, but I think some people find it inconvenient to get the little GPS "puck" antenna included with the kit installed outside with a clear view of the sky. The fact the antenna only has a 3m cable is a big limitation. Outside installation seems to be necessary for adequate satellite reception. The Kiwi GPS is just not as sensitive as other GPS devices (for whatever reason -- perhaps software). 

  • My newest GPS antenna is this one:

    Cost delivered $20.44 I have it sitting inside the radio room on a steel cabinet. As you can see from the attached screen shot, it is doing great. Given it has a 5 meter cable, it would easily reach outside from many locations, but not necessary here.
    Ron - KA7U

  • Just to follow up on this discussion. The GPS code now sets the Beagle time-of-day if it is different by more than 2 seconds. This might occur if NTPd is not running for whatever reason.

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