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How to set the DST?

The new version displays the local time of the Kiwi and the UTC. But how I can set the DST in the local time? Here in hungary at summer is UTC+2 (From the last sunday of March until the last sunday of October)


  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    Okay, I see the problem. Will be fixed in the next release..

  • the DST is wrong here in Rochester NY also. should be UTC-4 and it is -5
  • KiwiLocal wrong for Moscow , Russia  we have always  Local = UTC+3 hour ( now 4)
  • Norway DST also wrong like Hungary. Partly off-topic but still clock-related: Would be nice to have seconds too. If you're waiting for the top of the hour ID, and waiting to start the recorder...

  • I thought about showing seconds, but it is more difficult. This is time on the Kiwi server. So it has to be sent from Kiwi to browser. That means one packet per second if showing seconds. Or more like likely adding the time to the existing audio or waterfall data streams. Right now the time is just added to the data sent once each 10 seconds that updates the statistics in the top bar etc.

    Worse, the time really needs to be synchronized to the audio. Otherwise people will complain when it rolls over to xx:xx:00 and your favorite time station minute marker audio doesn't match. Could be done, but I wanted to get something out there.

    The WSPR extension, when active, has to send the server time each second to update the user interface properly.

  • See the point, no problem.
  • I have not been able to find where this new local time field is displayed.  I updated to v1.75 today thinking I would find it, must be right under my nose somewhere?
  • top right corner
  • Hmm, rather strange.  I still did not have it, only the "Powered by OpenWebRX".  I connected to your Kiwi and saw the OpenWebRX logo at first but then it switched to time.  I did another browser refresh and finally started seeing the time occasionally on my Kiwi, it seems to toggle back and forth between the logo and the time.  Now it seems to be displaying the time most of the time, but continues toggling back to the logo.

    My local time thinks I am in Europe, but I guess John is going to work on that.


  • My "Kiwi local" seems to be default to Pacific Time, so 1 hour slow. UTC time is right on. I got curious and set tzdata for my timezone and that messed things up, so it seems the tzdata should be set for UTC. Poked around a bit and think that 
    root@kiwisdr:~/Beagle_SDR_GPS/web/services.c contains the code that provides the local time zone offset for the display. I really don't know how John keeps track of this code. He invented it, but it is certainly involved.

    Ron - KA7U
  • DST is fixed (hopefully) in the v1.76 update going out in a few hours. Everyone please hold off commenting until the new version.

  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    Okay, unsurprisingly this needs more work.

    It turns out the display of the local/DST time in the upper left corner only works if you have set the "Location (lat, lon)" field of the tab on the admin page. Ordinarily you would only do so if you intended to make your Kiwi public. But the majority of Kiwis are probably not public, so this field remains blank by default. But there is nothing wrong with setting this field solely to get the time display working. If your GPS is running and has found a solution there will be a button above the field that says "set from GPS" so you don't have to fill-in the lat/lon manually. Setting this field alone is not sufficient to make your Kiwi public. So no worries about that.

    I need to work on getting the time display to automatically use the GPS lat/lon (if available) and perhaps the lat/lon associated with the Kiwi public ip address, if any, although this can be a little problematic sometimes (but probably good enough to establish the timezone). Of course in a lot of situations neither of these will be available and the annual value will have to be used.

  • Now all right for MSK , thanks -- it's nice when so quickly all fixed
  • In case anyone is wondering: currently the "powered by OpenWebRX" with logo alternates with the time display for 10 seconds out of every 60. This is an experiment in multiplexing increasingly-scarce screen space.

  • I am glad to have the alternating between time and logo confirmed  :)  

    My local time still shows one hour later than UTC  even though my lat/lon on the admin page checks correctly as New Mexico when I click to test on the map.
  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    You've entered your lat/lon on the page in a slightly strange format. shows the correct location for it. But Google does not (click on the "check map" link above the field -- Google shows it as being someplace in Connecticut).

    Release v1.77 about to go out is more tolerant of odd characters in the lat/lon field and should work with your entry.

  • Good work John. A DX-er can't have too many clocks.
  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    In the v1.77 release the lat/lon for finding the timezone will be taken from a GPS solution if the lat/lon field has not been set on the tab of the admin page. If you look in the log tab there will be a bunch of messages beginning with "TIMEZONE" that describe what is going on including any errors in the process of converting lat/lon to timezone.

  • John commented:  
    "You've entered your lat/lon on the page in a slightly strange format. shows the correct location for it. But Google does not (click on the "check map" link above the field -- Google shows it as being someplace in Connecticut)."

    Strange, as noted in my post, I had used the "check map" and it always shows me in the middle of Las Cruces, NM.  I do not recall where I copied the lat/lon from:  (32.3199° N, -106.7637° W)  I tried to delete the parens in case they are a problem but they showed back up when I clicked outside the box.  I think v1.77 is in process now so will see what happens when it comes up.
  • The parens are forcibly added by the admin page because they are required by

    Input field validation is almost as difficult for me as HTML CSS. Just today I discovered someone has set their lat/lon field on the page to "(undefined, undefined)". This has the interesting side-effect of allowing a listing on, but no map entry. Go figure..

  • Well, v1.77 did the trick, my local time is now correct.  Thanks.
  • My local time is still incorrect. Shows eastern European summer time (Finland) but should be central European summer time (Sweden). This might be a difficult case as I am located only a few hundred meters from the border.
  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    The Linux/shell command that eventually gets run using the appropriate LAT and LON is:
    (where 1492683009 is a recent UTC time in seconds since 1/1/1970 so it knows what to do about DST)

    If you change the LON you're using now to 24.03, which seems to be just across the main road on the Google map, Google APIs returns Central European Summer Time instead of Eastern, lol. I have no idea how they make their timezone decisions, but I would guess they have some sort of digitized map of the zones. But depending on the vector resolution if you're too close to a border it might make the wrong decision as you point out.

  • Yes, that fixed the issue so now I am back in Sweden. This might also explain why I get a lot of Google advertisements in finnish language...
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