v1.602 preparation (DX labels)

If you've made changes to the DX labels then please be sure you are properly backed up. Backing up to an sd card using the admin backup function is fine. But I would also suggest making a copy of the /root/kiwi.config/dx.json file on the Kiwi itself as well as a copy on some other machine.

On the Kiwi you can go to the admin console tab and do something like:


cp dx.json dx.json.BACKUP

cp kiwi.json kiwi.json.BACKUP

The changes coming in v1.602 shouldn't effect the dx.json file directly. But there are changes to other parts of the DX label user interface. So it's important to have a backup in case of unintended consequences. Especially if you've gone to considerable trouble to curate a custom set of labels.


  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I export and save the JSON file via the DX page on Admin panel every so often. Is that a suitable backup?

    It's been awhile since I've done a full backup via SD card, I should do that again more soon than later. Not sure I'll be able to get to it today though.

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    I export and save the JSON file via the DX page on Admin panel every so often. Is that a suitable backup?

    Yes, but if you're not going to make a full sd card backup then also save the kiwi.json file. There is information in kiwi.json related to the DX labels that is important to save (basically for the last 3 sections on the admin page DX tab below the labels themselves: DX type menu, band bars, band service menu).

  • Good morning...

    bearing in mind that I am not familiar with these manual procedures, I have a doubt:

    I followed the procedure described without anything happening immediately.

    Then I inserted the SD card and started the Backup in a regular way.

    At the end of the procedure the Backup took place without errors.

    Now in the directory


    i found these files

    Is this what was supposed to happen or did I do something wrong in the procedure?

  • These backup files seem to be the result of following John's instructions in the 1st posting of this thread. As their sizes match the respective original, they are probably okay - except it looks like there was a typing accident resulting in a somewhat strange file name. This is harmless, as these files are only a precaution needed if something should go wrong with the upcoming 1.602, but they are not actively used by the kiwi.

    Anyway, in order to remain consistent with the instructions, you should rename the file with the mistyped name. Or even better, delete and recreate it:


    rm kiwi.jason.BACKUPcpcp

    cp kiwi.json kiwi.json.BACKUP

  • Thank you,

    being the SD with Linux formatting, and I use WIN11, I don't know how to proceed with the deletion directly from the SD.

    The emulator I have to control the SD only allows me to format the card and view the internal files but not other operations.

    I don't know if there are other emulators for WIN11 that also allow modification of the contents of the SD.

    Reading the post I understood that the two BACKUP files could be saved individually and not only with the general backup of the device.

  • ..the file I fixed it or at least I think.
    I had a version of WinSCP used a long time ago that I didn't remember and from there I renamed the file 
    with a different extension

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