Random Reboots [fixed, improvements coming in v1.602]

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Has anyone experianced random rebooting of their kiwi's?

Last night all 7 of my Kiwi were randomly rebooted over the course of a few hours.

I have verified that automatic updates and daily restart are both disabled.

This systems is on a UPS. I have had no power loss events recorded.

Voltage steady 5.1

Enviornmental temp constant 20c. Kiwi temps range from 39c to 41c

All of the uptimes on the KIWI admin page are different by many minutes.

These are not public kiwis. This system has been in service for over 2 years connected to my WsprDaemon Server.

All Kiwis are at v. 1.601

All Kiwis are on BBAI

Any input greatly appreciated.


  • Do they share a password, is there anything on the network that is public?

    Do any of them log to an external syslog? (so you could see if it was a command, panic or no log event)

    Is there a DC path to large antennas?

    I would guess it might be a an intermittent DC fault or surge from external wire but it would be good to have some logs.

  • have you run a df command at os level to check available filesystem space

  • thread title is "Random Power Cycling" but is sounds more like random reboots

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    You are correct It was defineitely a reboot. However it was all 7 of them within 30 minutes of each other.

    Plenty of room on all stroage devices.

    And 1 of them was rebooted 2x 15 min. apart.

    As far as a DC path to large antennas - All antennas are isolated from each KIWI by T1-1 isolation transfromers (core and wire). GPS path also has excelllent isolation at HF.

    FIrst time that I have seen this in two years of operation.

    Even the KIWI with the small wellbrook active loop rebooted, as well as the short 'Beverage on Ground'.

    No external syslog at this time.

    I do not have the kiwis configured for remote access, they all use differnet passwords, although behind a stateful firewall , ive seen how quickly they can be compromised.

    The Kiwi network is a seperate air gapped, islanded, and uses a different ISP from my home network.

    Only the Kiwis, WD server, and a windows shack PC running wsjtx on this deidcated ISP / network.

    Found no un expalined logins on the wd server, will have to dig into the windows box to see if it was the culprit.

    For now i further restricted access even to the WD server for what its worth.

  • On the admin page, network tab, do you have Automatically download IP blacklist? set to Yes ? If you do then your Kiwi will reboot in the early morning hours, just like with automatic software downloads, when a change is made to the blacklist. Which there has been lately..

  • Thank you. That option was set to yes.

    Are changes that are made to the blacklist routine (scheduled)?

  • Are changes that are made to the blacklist routine (scheduled)?

    No. Mostly it's whenever there's a new contribution from the community that I edit into the file. I had one a few days ago and there are some others pending.

  • jksjks
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    The next release has this helpful summary of all the settings needing to be disabled to prevent a possible overnight restart:

  • Thank you that is very helpful.

  • Well, I'm still struggling trying to get v1.602 put together and tested. We're up to 6500 lines of code differences (easy to measure but a very poor metric of actual code modifications/additions).

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