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new SD card image of the Kiwi software to reinstall software on a replacement Beagle Bone Green?

Hello, I need to download the Kiwi SD card image so I can reload a replacement Beagle Bone Green. Were do I find the download?


  • and look for "Optionally downloading the software" in the index near the top of the page.

    Or use this link (in all browsers except Safari which doesn't work for reasons I still don't understand):

  • While the Debian 8 image installs on the BBG, it was unable to upgrade the Kiwi SW to the current Version 1.588.

    In contrast, the Debian 10 download installed and upgraded to 1.588 with no problems. Just be aware that after loading from the microSD and the power cycling the Kiwi, it takes an hour or more for the Kiwi to complete an auto-upgrade to 1.588 and during that time there is little indication on the Kiwi pages that an upgrade is in progress. So be patient!

  • I just edited those instructions to be (hopefully) a bit more clear on a few points:

    • It's okay, even beneficial from a security point of view, to install Debian 10 if you're installing from scratch (i.e. not upgrading).
    • The need to wait for 45 - 60 minutes for the network update after the re-flash.

  • there is no link to the SD card image for the BBG/BBB

    Mac & Windows:

    • Debian 10 -- BBG/BBB only
    • Download this 710 MB .img.xz file to your Mac/PC
    • (SHA256: 676301a5ad0c52417011fd257da9ffa3106ad33af41c8b2273d49d44527e14f3)
    • Debian 9 -- BBAI only
    • Download this 521 MB .img.xz file to your Mac/PC
    • (SHA256: 2177a191af9aaceee768921f0b2442e36fbb9369acb921957499d5e68b6447ec)

  • jksjks
    edited March 2023

    there is no link to the SD card image for the BBG/BBB

    Fixed. Thank you!

  • Just got it loaded thanks for repairing the link on the website

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