v1.578: dx label mode and other fixes

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.578 Feb 12, 2023

  Fixed bug setting dx label modes.

  Improved high end response of NBFM de-emphasis filters.

  Squelch value updated continuously while slider moved, not just on mouse-up.

  New colors for spectrum peak hold traces and "slow dev" plot based on forum discussions.


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for that.

    Unfortunately I have discovered that the colour scheme I suggested for the Slow Dev and Peak hold traces don't work at all well on a small screen or tablet.

    It could be that the spectrum in Yellow and Peak hold in Cyan and Magenta would be more visible, and work better with the other spectrum colour schemes, but the spectrum may also appear to be too bright using this combination.

    I would suggest going back to your original choices of Cyan, Yellow and Magenta.

    Apologies for the wild goose chase, it seemed like a good idea at the time.



  • I like this new "Slow Dev" color better. The original Cyan was just too bright.



  • OK maybe I'll do some more experiments, to see if I can find a better compromise.

    To me the grey isn't that grey, but it seem to have a pink tinge to it, which is off as it seem to be present on several different screens. I don't know if this is due to some other colurs on the sceen messing up my eye and brain colour balance, which is making it seem pink, or it this is something else.

    A slightly lighter grey, almost white, like the background to the DX labels bar, would possibly work OK, but I think there needs to be some sort of dividing line between the top of the band label bar and the bottom of the spectrum display, to better differentiate between the two, otherwise they blend into each other. The Magenta and Yellow (or possibly Cyan) Peak hold lines do seem to be much more visible than the new colours I suggested when viewed against the black background.



  • Good morning....

    on the topic of "labels" I have a problem that I can not solve:

    when I delete them either from the kiwi interface or from the DX card, the next time I restart the device, I find exactly the same "labels" that I had deleted, as if saving the modification on the file containing them were temporary and not definitive.

    Any solution?

  • Maybe try clearing your browser cache.

    I have noticed this sort of problem becoming more frequent with other sites and not just KiWi's.

    Every time there is a browser update or they add extra 'security' features things seem to get worse.

    I tried to perform an on-line transaction yesterday, and had to get help from cthe complanies tech support. We tried all sorts of different methods of logging in, different browsers, restarting and clearing caches, all with no luck. I eventually solved the problem by didding out a tablet with an older version browser, and that worked fine.

  • Thank you
    I try this solution hoping to solve.

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