ssh tunnel issues

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  • The pin for my kiwi is always yellow, any info why that could be?

    In the receiver list, it always shows 2/2 available, even if they are occupied.

    When i select it for TDOA, I get the message "all channels in use"

    I use ssh tunneling to a hoster, because I have no publicly accessible IP-Address (CGNAT) at home, could that be an issue?



  • Hi @HB9TMC, looks like you don't show to your KiwiSDR real client IP address (check KiwiSDR Log):

    HTTP server can use request header "X-Forwarded-For" for get real client IP.

  • Correct, the kiwisdr can't see the source IP address through the SSH tunnel.

    Interestingly though, the geo ip lookup seems to be working.

  • Geolocation is primarily determined on the client side. If this is not possible, then the ip address of the client is sent to the server and the geolocation is determined on the server side.

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    @HB9TMC if all connections to your KiwiSDR established from the same IP = ::1 and you have a rule prevent multiple connections from the same IP, this is equal to publishing only one KiwiSDR RX channel, any other connections will be stoped with error message. And yellow marker on the map will be the correct for your KiwiSDR.

    Usualy geolocation received from the client's web browser if this feature don't blocked by privacy settings or extensions (like AdBlock).

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