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...I would like to know if there is a possibility that the DRM extension also makes visible the images that are transmitted with the digital signal, without having to install additional programs for decoding, or that it saves them automatically in a directory.


  • Yes agreed that would be ideal.

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    I don't know if this would be easy or not.

    But one thing I do know: I need help obtaining some recordings of DRM IQ signals containing data (slide shows etc). KTWR transmits during the middle of the night here when I'm sleeping. So it's difficult for me to setup recording.

    What I need is 5 minutes or so of DRM recorded in IQ mode with a 10 kHz passband. It you're using a Kiwi to feed Dream through a VAC then the Kiwi is probably already setup this way. Just click the Kiwi "record" icon to the left of the mute icon in the main control panel. Click again to stop recording after 5 minutes. The recorded file will be downloaded by your browser in the usual way as other downloads. Email as an attachment to support@kiwisdr.com Thanks!

  • KTWR DRM schedule: https://drmrx.org/schedules/drmbc.php?id=KTWR%20Asia

    Note UTC Sat/Sun/Mon only.

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    Good morning...

    As soon as I have a decent signal with slide transmission I record and send.

    Note that these kind of broadcasts were labeled as "special holiday season broadcasts" so I don't know if it's the practice to send images during the DRM broadcast.

  • ... while we're on the subject, based on the images, does anyone know why Radio Kuwait hasn't been decoded for several days, neither on the standard frequency of 15110.00 kHz nor if the signal is centered on the frequency of 15109.70 kHz?

  • Thanks, I was missing this DRM forum.

  • The folks at drmrx.org are very active and actually upload the station transmission schedule data used by the Kiwi DRM extension.

  • ...following the last update 1.573 I noticed the appearance of this letter "D", what is the meaning?

    Are there any other reports as well?

  • Will be explained later. I am making some general releases without comment because I need to do testing of new DRM code using many different Kiwis due to DRM reception conditions.

    For example the new Journaline entry in the DRM menu (top right). Try with BBC WS @3955 06-07Z, @17720 08-09Z using Kiwis in eastern EU. Or Funklust (Erlangen, DK) @15785 using Kiwis in Scandinavia in the early morning (EU).

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    ....tested with BBC 3955 kHz and it works great

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