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Band bars again and Date

Hi everyone

regarding to the discussion : I can now have my own band bars attributions (ITU compliant). Thank you for that.

But now I have a problem with the control panel precisely with the "Select Band" control. The width of this control is dependent of the width of the texts in the band bars table. So it mask the control beside. A control with a fixed width will be fine. See attachment.

One other request. The Date. Is it possible to show the current date close to the local and UTC time ?

Thanks again for your great work !

Serge ON5MZ


  • jksjks
    edited September 2022

    For the first problem. You need to use it differently. Use two separate entries: One for the band bar with a possibly long name and another for the band menu entry with a shorter name that doesn't make the menu too wide. Use the different values in the ITU / Visibility field: "show on band scale only", "show on band menu only".

    I can't arbitrarily chop the width of entries in the band menu. That is bad UX design and will just lead to complaints.

  • OK I will try



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