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Antenna switch extension with MS-S5 WiFi controlled switch

I have a strange issue with the antenna extension.

I have the Extension installed (from the JKS rep) and partly working, configured as ms-s4a-web. I shows the active antenna and will change the selected antenna two times but on the third selection it will jump a number.

My intention would be to switch sequentially, in the same way the web interface I.E. Antenna 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 etc. But there seems to be intermediate steps or overlapping instructions when using the extension.

Switching Antenna 1-2 becomes, 1-Ground-1-2

2-3 becomes 2-1-G-2-4, Missing 3 altogether.

I have noticed the ping times do seem very variable so I assumed it might be related to that, across two rooms it was between 215ms and 2ms, average about 40ms, moving the access point close to the switch I then got  Minimum = 2ms, Maximum = 105ms, Average = 18ms which still seems quite a range.

As the low numbers will be a few in a row then a delayed response ~100ms and back to low numbers, I wondered how the UDP commands are timed and if they can respond to variations.

Any users of these devices (the ones that run under the ms-s4a-web instruction set) please let me know what I'm doing wrong.


  • I just have placed an order for one of these and will explore when it arrives in a month or two. If you make progress in the meantime, I'd be all ears!


  • Look carefully at the ant-switch-backend-ms-s4a-web script you're trying to use with the ms-s5. You probably have to change the value of ANTENNAS from 4 to 5. Also note the very clumsy sequential stepping it does to select the desired antenna. This may be broken by the timing side-effects of using wifi. I don't know why the API is so bad. The ms-s7 was much better. See Ripperfox's comment here (he wrote the ms-s4a script):

  • Getting back after quite some time. This does work, but slowly. I changed the antenna number to 5, and the ip address in the code. It takes about 4 secs to change. Using the direct control to the latency is more like a second.

    Thanks so much for the work and the code.

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