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Band bars are gone [fixed in v1.544, hopefully]


I mistakenly made all the bar bands disappear.

is it possible to recreate a file to make the band bars reappear?


Serge ON5MZ


  • We need much more information.

    What were you doing when this problem occurred? Were you making changes using the admin page, DX tab interface?

    If it's not already, is it possible to make this Kiwi accessible from the Internet so I can take a look? You'd have to open port 8073 on your router. If you don't know how to do that we could also use the proxy service which is easier to setup. Once accessible set a temporary admin password and email it to

  • Could this just be something simple ?

    Maybe it's just that the menu 'Off' button or 'Y' key has been pressed too many times, and the DX labels and band bars are hidden ?

    It's easy enough to do if you are not aware of this function.



  • Good point Martin, thank you.

  • Hi everyone

    I'm using the :8073/admin html page "DX" section "Band bars"

    My goal was to remove all the bars to put in it a new band attribution (ITU attributions)

    But now that this section is empty it seemse impossible to introduce new bars



  • jksjks
    edited June 2022

    I see now. Pretty obvious. If you remove the last entry then there is no circle-plus button left to add any new entries! I guess I'm going to have to add code to handle this corner-case. It applies to the DX labels list as well.

    Attempting to recover from this is not easy. Best just to wait until I can fix it in a new software release.

  • jksjks
    edited June 2022

    Did you also remove all the entries in the "band service menu" or the "DX labels" areas?

    Or only in the "band bars" area? This is very important as my fix is much simpler if you've only removed all the entries in the "band bars" area.

  • From the CHANGE_LOG file:

    v1.544 Jun 23, 2022

      Admin page, DX tab:

        Show solitary circle-plus icon if all band bar entries have been deleted.

        Don't allow last remaining DX label list or band service menu entries to be removed.


      Selcall extension:

        For Austravel Net frequencies show base names when their selcalls are used.

        Add Austravel Net channel numbers to the Selcall frequency menu.

  • Thank you JKS

    One step further for this splendid product !!!

    Thanks for your work I gonna wait.


    Serge ON5MZ

  • If your Kiwi has updated to v1.544 then this problem should be fixed.

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