Location Error when logging in [geolocation database errors]

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Howdy from Bill K7MT in Helena, Mt. As of yesterday, my location changed to Garwood, New Jersey !!!!!   Before that it was Helena, Mt.  What could cause this location error and how can I correct it ??

I really enjoy SDR.HU here in Montana.

Thanks Bill


  • jksjks
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    Is your Kiwi public and/or listed on sdr.hu? Go to the sdr.hu tab of the admin page. Next to the "Location (lat, lon)" field label is a button called "check map". What location is shown when you press it? Have you changed the location field recently?

  • Hi JKS,

    I do not have a SDR !!!!  I am just a user !!! I should have clarified that. But still concerned that my location when I log in to any SDR is Garwood, New Jersey  when I am in Helena, Mt.

    Bill K7MT

  • Oh, you mean the geo-location for your ip address that appears in the status window at the lower left. Yes, this happens on occasion. The Kiwi software has to connect to an external site to translate the ip address of the visiting user to their physical location. Occasionally the database of these external sites seem to get messed up. It should fix itself in a day or so.

  • Hi JKS,

    I will check it out in a few days.  Thanks..

    Bill K7MT

  • Hi Bill,

    Why not just add your actual location as part of your user ID in the "Your name or callsign" box at the top of the SDR page ?

    I notice that a lot of folks don't put any details in when they are using my KiWi which is a pity, as for the Admin it's nice to see where folks are using it from.

    Incidentally you can also add short messages in the same way. Some folks use this to say "Hi" to other users box when they log in.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Or in the new version 1.61 I notice you now have a chat in the new chat room. As you say Martin, I have regular users that visit my SDR for either broadcast of HF air traffic, would be nice to know how they find the SDR. I did a few comparisons with your and my SDR on 472 KHz, your noise floor is a lot lower than mine :-(  Interesting stuff.
  • Hi Dave,

    I'm out in the sticks so that helps a lot, but I don't think your noise floor is actually that bad.

    My remaining interference is proving a bit difficult to fix as it's mains borne but is being re-radiated by wire fencing. I'm gradually bonding sections of the fencing together but it's a long undertaking as I have to file the galvanised layer before I can solder to it and then put in ground rods.

    Incidentally - have you tried strapping the legs of your doublet and feeding it against ground (as a Tee) on the LF bands ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
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