'Click to Start OpenWebRX' purpose?

Have always wondered if there is any actual function served by the 'click to start' button when accessing a KiwiSDR site for the first time, i.e. is it needed to create a site cookie, etc. Or since it is built into the OpenWebRX source code, so perhaps it is intended to advertise where the software originated.


  • Me too. I asked nearly the same question abt. 2 years ago, and I'm still interested in a plausible answer.

  • I seem to remember it being a browser decision and I can see a few scenarios where it makes sense.

    Security could be an issue if the browser is tricked into processing audio that is something else. Alternatively if site was slow to load then kicked straight into playing that could be awkward.

    A quick web search brings up this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Media/Autoplay_guide

  • From memory I think 'click to play' was implemented after a Windows update some time ago that prevented auto play.

    These days I think the main issue may be that some browsers and virus / spyware / malware protection, automatically block, or can be configured to block autoplay as a security precaution.

    This can be confusing to casual users when they open a KiWi and nothing happens, so having to 'click to play' as a default is probably a good idea.

    Not sure why sometimes you have to click, and other times it just opens up though...



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