v1.522: noise blanker/filter improvements

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.521,522 May 8, 2022

  Improvements to noise blanker/filter operation. All settings now saved in browser storage and

  recalled on page load. All settings can have default values setup by the Kiwi admin. This could

  be used to mitigate known, constant noise sources so for example the blanker is automatically

  active when first-time users connect.


  A new "default" button at the top of the extension panels cab be used to load the defaults.

  To simplify setting up the defaults the admin can use a new right-click menu entry

  "Save noise defaults" which copies the current settings into the Kiwi configuration.

  Admin password may be required (e.g. if not on the local network).

  Made photo uploads work again (admin page, webpage tab).


  • This sounds promising, just what I have missed. Got to test. Thanks a lot.

  • I'd like to thank @Rene in another thread for the suggestion about defaults, which I found to be a good one.

    And also RipperFox on Github for suggesting something I forgot to mention above: When you select the noise blanker wdsp or LMS, and you hadn't previously enabled one (or both) of the denoiser or autonotch checkboxes on their respective control panels, then denoiser is forced on. If this isn't done then selecting wdsp or LMS from the main control panel is misleading because it essentially does nothing without one of the checkboxes set. And you will hear no change to the audio as a result. Github issue: https://github.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS/issues/621

  • Got that John.

    The double VFO is awesome feature and 1Hz resolution, which has not been mentioned, was a big surprise too. What a fantastic receiver KiwiSDR has become. 😮

  • Hi John, thanks for this update!!

    I still have to find the "save as" option as an admin to make it default for each user so he/she don't have to fiddle around with the NB because I already did ;-). Maybe someone can make a help for this, because there are so many parameters to choose from, it is difficult to know how to start to get a good setup for a "simple" electric fence pulse.

    Maybe a small modification, which can be added in the future, is it possible to get a third line for station names above the waterfall? On most monitors the waterfall is big enough, one extra line should be no problem and maybe it is possible to get a few extra colors to choose from. I "misused" types like "active, sub-band, special event" to get a grey/green/blue etc. Label colors for specific stations like LPAM, broadcasters would be nice. As an example, look at my SDR http://gti.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073/?f=846.00amz6 .

  • edited May 2022


    After upgrading from v1.518 to v1.523 the webinterface shows "Antenna: Mini-Whip", although i don't see that entry in the admin panel.

    kiwirecorder also gets the location wrong:

    lat,lon=[ +0.00,  +0.00], Grid: RF82ci, Antenna: Mini-Whip

    RF82ci seems to be in ZL

    Edit: Nevermind, I found the information in the admin panel. For unknown reason it seems to have been reset to default values.

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