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Not showing on linkfanel


I noticed my kiwi isnt showing anymore. It says " registration: successful" but it doesnt show ...

The public URL ( is normally accessible.

Any idea why ist not showing on or linkfanel?




  • jksjks
    edited April 2022

    That IP falls within one of the CIDRs allocated to (Vultr), a known source of bots. Hence it is on the global blacklist. Are you routing traffic through a VPS hosted there?

  • yeah, i use a $5 VM there to route my traffic to my internal network (not only for the Kiwi) because of the provider grade NAT ...

    could you make an exception for just that IP? its fixed ...

  • I haven't implemented a "whitelist" capability yet to handle this specific situation (legit Kiwi VPS user inside a blacklisted block). So I've temporarily removed that CIDR from the blacklist.

    IIRC, there wasn't an actual bot in that CIDR range. But when I did the whois lookup for a bot IP there were 4 CIDRs listed for constant/Vultr with similar IPs. So I included them all. So this temporary change may not actually be reducing our blacklist protection.

  • Thanks, I see it listed now again ...

    I was using your reverse proxy before, but at times that was slow. Hence the reason to put it direct ...

  • I seem to have had a similar event here: a little over 24 hours ago it stopped showing up. Inside my network I can access the Kiwi, but not from outside.

    On the Control page, neither external port will show open, no matter what I try to reset. Once before I was locked out by my ISP's "Advanced Security" measures, but those are still turned off and nothing new has been installed by anyone. {It's here in the discussions somewhere.}

    My IP is, can you check on this?


  • im getting connection refused on your URL ...

    It looks to me that port forwarding isnt working correctly?

  • That was the response essentially, no forwarding, except that I hadn't changed anything whatsoever on the network and it's been good for some time, as in years. My ISP has changed things at times, so they may have done something unseen and/or not discernible. I have ADSB and AIS servers as well, and they have continued to function just fine - but they are data out servers only, no incoming ports.

    Now, at 2200 my local time, the ports have come up as "Open," and at 2221 it shows on linkfanel. (UTC-7)

    Outside of the several Kiwi blacklist updates I did over the last few hours, I can't think of anything else I've done with the Kiwi. I'll stick with my ISP as being the problem unless I hear otherwise.

  • Brendan, whatever that issue is/was, I don't think it is related to the Vultr IP ranges.

    I just connected to your SDR without issue.


  • Thanks Stu, yeah, I wasn't sure about that idea since my own IP/CIDR didn't show up in the blacklist.

    Strangest thing was that for six hours or so I couldn't see anything that was gumming up the works at all. I'll chalk it up to the emerging AI that is the web messing with me on a random basis. Twelve hours later and all seems kosher here. <<shrug>>

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