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v1.499 and my hacked config.js [fixed in v1.504]

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A long time ago I modified my config.js to change the bands displayed and all was well until v1.499, when the various categories of bands (amateur, broadcast etc.) disappeared and now they're all listed under "Event".


  • Could you email a copy of your config.js to please? I'd like to understand why your changes are not being carried through. Those changes haven't been lost. But there is new code in that release to prepare for the DX tab that tries to convert config.js into the Kiwi config file format. I need to understand why it failed in this case. Thanks!

  • Done. Thank you.

  • Some solution? previously it was 11m in navy color

  • @ArturPL Please email your modified config.js to so I can verify that it works with the fix I am developing. Thanks

  • v1.504 should fix these problems I think.

  • edited March 2022

    I can confirm that Select band and custom colours defined in config.js are restored with the v1.504 release.



  • Yes it's now fixed for me too.

    Thank you.

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