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I noticed entries in the DX tab of the ADMIN page [fixed in v1.483]

My vague memory was that this had said something about 'in progress' or something like that.

I now see:

Are these markers I deleted? Haven't played with this much, but just deleted a marker and it did not appear here. Sorry for the question, I looked and couldn't find documentation for this tab.




  • Hi Eric,

    I noticed that addition too, but I assume it's a work in progress.

    However unlike yourself, I've not been able to load or show any entries, but it's not surprising as my DX JSON file currently has 7400 lines in it, so I've only got myself to blame.



  • Ugh, I don't know how that got enabled. Whatever you do, DON'T CLICK ANYTHING. I don't remember what state that test code is in. Worst case it destroys your database, makes your Kiwi inoperative etc.

  • Now you tell me! I won't click further, most everything seemed inoperative when curiousity got the better of me.

  • ... also on mine it is like this but and I don't think I'm wrong it was already like this before the last update.

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