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Feature request: S-meter extension time stamps [added]

edited September 2021 in Problems Now Fixed

I find the S-meter extension very useful for monitoring 'intruders' into the amateur bands, such as broadcasters in the 7 MHz band. By leaving this extension on I can see when the Tx come on and off throughout a 24-hour period without having to be sat in front of the screen all day.

It would be very helpful if UTC date/time stamps could be added to the image at suitable intervals.

73, Richard G4DYA


  • I too thought this would be of some use but I note the waterfall record feature has been updated to do a similar thing as far as timestamps (for up to 76minutes at 1Hz) .

    On the signal history extension I'd like to be able to save an image or cvs periodically. I ran it on a virtual machine and the act of connecting to remote desktop would resize the browser window so wipe out the hours-long plot.


  • And there it is, implemented in the latest version, after just three days. Thank you very much indeed John.


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