New User with a dead device [fixed]

Greetings All,

It powers up, the lights blink and network connector shows activity, but then it goes dark. IP scanner never shows an active device. Trying kiwisdr.local:8703 says "this site can't be reached". Too bad the box didn't have a "New users start here" instruction sheet.

Larry WB8LBZ

El Paso, TX


  • Are you (incorrectly) installing the sd card? That will cause exactly what you describe.

    The box does have a "new user" instruction sheet, unless yours was missing for some reason.

  • Thanks jks,

    I did install the sd card. After reading a few more comments, I removed the sd card and now its says its updating software. Operator head space. Thanks for the response.

    Larry WB8LBZ

    El Paso, TX

  • Probably just a typo - but the correct port is 8073.

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