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MRHS KiwiSDRs back online at KPH Point Reyes

edited August 2021 in Signals Received

Many thanks to Rob and crew. One of the best Kiwi sites on the planet that was greatly missed these many months.


  • John, you may not remember that you donated one of the 7 Kiwis in operation at KPH.

    Also check out the KFS site which has 4 antennas but only 5 Kiwis. The SW log periodic antenna at is a monster for ZL/VK land. However the Omni and NW antennas suffer from switcher RFI from the mobile site equipment attached to the NW tower ;=(

  • @rrobinet Thanks a lot for making the KPH KiwiSDRs available again!

    It's just in time for catching NDBs from the Pacific region around local sunrise.

    The image below is for today 13:30 UTC (from As you can see, this time of the year is quite special.

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