possible feature : TUNING lock

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HI, it is too easy to move the selected FREQ by moving the mouse around the monitor desktop and in the rx waterfall.
That means going off the listening frequency and coming back is almost impossible in that important few seconds needed to retune
when me ( the HAM or SWL)  am listening to that precious signal.
Therefore a LOCK button for the tuner would be of great help; leave to the developer the chosing of the LOCK color (...maybe RED :-)  )
and put the ON\OFF function to one of the F keys or any other  keyboard button.

PS  a memory of the last used freq would be also of help



  • I think Phil's suggestion of a last used frequency memory would be useful.

    I often find that I listen to one frequency whilst scrolling up or down the adjacent spectrum. If I quickly tune to a new frequency to hear what's been transmitted, it would be good to be able to quickly go back to the previous frequency without having to scroll back or retype the frequency (which I've often forgotten anyway).

    Would it be possible to add something like a browser 'back' and 'forward' function below the frequency entry box, which would allow you to scroll between frequencies that have been entered during the current browser session whilst using the SDR ?


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • I agree. It should work like a browser. I'll update the bug list. There was something similar on there before.

    Also already on the list is the idea of having the classic A/B VFO buttons and a "band memory". So when you hop between bands using the select band menu it goes to the last selected frequency in the band instead of the mid-point, which is what it does now.

  • Back-forward function and A/B VFO get my support.

    Bjarne Mjelde
  • I wish we could revisit the lock function... there is far too much area that one can click on (inadvertently) and knock oneself way off frequency. Asking for a klutzy friend....

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