TDOA possibly offline from 28 June 2021 [fixed]

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Hi, has anyone else noticed that TDOA option appears to be offline?

I select TDOA from the "EXTENSION" drop down menu & the TDOA Map and control GUI appears as normal

However, the map only loads the "reference" locations and not the KIWI Host locations so no receivers can be selected.

I am a new KiwiSDR user so please don't shoot the messenger😉 if I'm doing something wrong.

Could someone please check that I'm not alone in seeing this error and/or tell me how I can get TDOA function restored please.

Thanks in advance,



  • Should be okay now. Someone made a weird Kiwi configuration which broke the TDoA script on This has happened once before I believe.

  • Thanks ever so much; I really appreciate the fix. Working fine now (even with this novice user!)

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