Suggestion to tweak default bandwidth settings [fixed in v1.454]

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I've been doing a lot of tinkering with my new Kiwi, and wondered if there is a way, (or if it's in the works) to tweak the default passband settings for each mode. For example, I would like to tweak the SSB bandpass to be closer to the "carrier" for the purpose of hearing lower frequencies on SSB signals. (A number of hams use "high fidelity" SSB transmitters these days. They sound great!)

When I log into the receiver, I always have to manually "drag" the filter skirts to the new positions (low and high). It would be nice to "save" the new settings as new defaults. :)

Thanks for making and supporting this amazing device! :)




  • Oh! how did I not see that? Thanks! I just tweaked it! :)

  • Well, to be fair, the documentation and organization of the documentation are way, way behind. Not to mention that the Kiwi website is straight out of 1994.

  • The site isn't so bad, tho! :)

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    Hi John,

    I like that the default bandwidths are configurable, however I think the way they work could be improved. When adjusting the upper and lower skirt, the offset frequency is recalculated. This makes it impossible to set a filter shift as default. With CW filters I typically like to place more of the filter bandwidth below the CW offset so that the signal of interest contrasts with the bulk of the noise tone coming through the filter. The narrower the filter the more this is important. I know I can simply click and drag the filter in the GUI each time but it would be nice if I could set this as default and then when I place the crosshair on a signal and click, the shifted filter would be retained. If I could specify a fixed offset and then define the upper and lower skirt and just let the passband width be refactored, I think it would work.

    Best regards...Joe (I edited this post for clarity)

  • Okay, in the next release I've added a "lock" checkbox next to the passband center field. This will enable a mode where the pbc is held constant while the other parameters are changed allowing it to behave like the old cw offset.

  • Wonderful news and thanks so much for doing that John.

    Best regards...Joe

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