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How to connect via wifi

The FAQ shows this question, but there is no link to an answer, and I checked several pages of this forum to no avail. How does the kiwi connect to the router via wifi? My understanding is that neither the Beaglebone green or black support wifi and one needs an ethernet cable. However, my internet router and radio desk are in totally different areas. I have a Beaglebone green laying around I haven't used and would love to buy the Kiwi and other items needed to get it up and running, but having to rely on a wired connection won't work for me.


  • The search box in the blue title bar will find lots on the topic. Try wifi kiwisdr in that search.

    This post might be quite useful to you:

    Wifi isn't supported, but with determination, you will likely get it working.

    Good luck.

    Ron - KA7U

  • jksjks
    edited March 2021

    A USB-to-WiFi dongle is a lot of work and grief unless you know what you're doing.

    A much easier solution is to use a wired-Ethernet to WiFi mini-router: More info here:

    The worst problem there is dealing with the required 5V power input as the supplied adapter is a potentially noisy switcher. Although you might be able to get 5V from the BBG/BBB USB-A "host" port. Anyone actually doing that?

  • Yeah, it is a pain. I also found that in order for the wifi to connect, eth0 (wired) needed to be disconnected so keep that in mind. I wasted several hours (days?) on that...

  • I tried powering the WR802N from the BBG USB-A host port. Works fine. The WR802N is not too hard to setup. Glenn's solution is superior of course.

  • Thank you all for these suggestions. I will look into it more! The one thing that is holding me back from purchasing a kiwi is the inconvenience of either running a long ethernet cable, or a long run of coax. Either way there's a cable of some kind waiting to be stepped on or tripped over.

  • Alternatively, Will the newer BBG board with wi-fi not work (I realize it's currently out of stock)

  • Look carefully at the BBG-W. Seeed violated the BeagleBone cape spec and the Kiwi board can't even physically plug into it (those double-high USB connectors physically interfere). As a result there has been no software development for it.

  • Not only does the PoUSB solution, pointed to above, work for stock KiwiSDRs, but BBAI/KiwiSDRs work very well with the on-board BBAI WiFi. Either of these approaches eliminates the common mode LAN noise path described n the PoUSB document.

    I've converted my two BBAIs to use only WiFi and am very pleased with the results. The AI needs a bit more power, 11-12 watts once it has settled down but is also capable of all LF-HF amateur WSPR bands simultaneoously. Even at this power level, a modified heatsink along with risers to allow it to fit and place the Kiwi board back in the original position allow an on-board fan to keep everything cool enough.

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