Software graphics bug


In the current version 1.437 I also noticed that the S-meter display now unfortunately has a black stripe on the upper edge. it would be nice to bring it back to its old state. thanks in advance!

greetings wavehunter.


  • "The white bar appearing above the green S-meter bar is the AGC threshold value      (from control panel AGC tab)"

    If you try the AGC option from the panel AGC tab as mentioned in the change log, it does show the current level.

    73 Stu

  • I mean the black bar under the S-meter display. there the green / red color of the S-meter no longer fills the entire background. that looks very strange. it can only be seen in the current version. maybe the programmer can look at it.

  • The thin black space above "the green / red color" turns white when the AGC threshold value is set under the AGC tab.

    If the the AGC Threshold is set all the way to the left then there is no white line. Slide the AGC threshold to the right and you will see the white line appear.

  • OK thanks.

    I tried it . This doesn't look nice anymore and you think the S-meter has a graphical error if you can see a thin black line if you don't want to use the AGC. In the past, this was possible without the graphics having changed. I would like you to know if the old graphics could be restored. The AGC function will be retained.

  • ☹️ Today's v1.438 update has a new admin page config tab option to disable this feature. So if you own/administer a Kiwi you can change the behavior.

    But the default stays as enabled. This was a contributed code change. I like it, and after all the work of the original author I'm not going to disable it (by default) just because a few people don't like how it looks.

  • To be honest, I was amazed to see that the thin black line was worth to be mentioned at all, especially to be considered as a "bug".

    But if it's such a problem for some people, what about putting the white bar inside the green one instead of reserving separate space for it? So all would look normal as long as no white bar is present.

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