Is there a possibility to add FST4W to the KiwiSDR decoder extensions?


Steve KD2OM


  • Hi Steve,

    I am adding support for all the FST4W-nnn modes to wsprdaemon V3.0.

    The auto-wspr feature built in to the Kiwi is a port from an earlier version of WDSJT-x and required a significant amount of code rewriting. Also, that current autowspr feature is severely constrained by the limited CPU power of the BeagleBone.

    It was at John's suggestion that I started the wsprdaemon project which moves all of the WSPR signal processing to a remote server which can run the latest releases of WSJT-x and have as much CPU power as is required to execute the new WSPR modes.


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    Could WD be changed to handle FST4W-120 now for some comparison testing?

  • I would be a lot of wasted work for me to modify V2.10x to handle just FST4W-120.

    V3.0 should be in beta test within a few weeks

  • OK... will it include 120 ?

  • It will support both modes and all the packet lengths

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