KPH Kiwis down?

I've had a few inquiries as to why the KPH Kiwis are down ( The last status update on was June 15 00:15Z. Power cut to save some money during park facility closures?


  • Actually, I think the power has been on the whole time. The issue seems to be a poor quality router that loses its way and no one having access to help it out. There may be plans for a replacement but there is perhaps a little politics in that one. Perhaps Rob may be able to elaborate.
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    I'm sure you're right. The politics that has to be endured to continue to enjoy the relative free reign of such a facility has to be monumental --- particularly where they are.

    Fortunately the quad is running again.

  • The Park Service has denied us volunteers access to the KPH facility since the start of Covid last spring. While that is annoying I am sympathetic to their situation. If they were to grant exceptions to one set of citizens, then other would want the same privileges.

    As soon as I am allowed, I will go out there and restore operation. Look for KPH WSPR spots on to learn when that happens

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