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Unable to Access Forum from Home


For the past several weeks I've been unable to access the forum from home. I can access the main KiwiSDR site, however. Also, I can access the forum from other locations. I've tried three different browsers, three different computers and three different OS's. I can only conclude it has something to do with my Net connection itself and this seems to be the only site effected; all my regular sites are fine.

Any clues to why this may be happening would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Have you tried restarting your router?

    What geographical area is this from?

    If you do an "nslookup" query what IP does it return?


  • The forum server is located in the same datacenter as the one serving (California). Doing a traceroute on both ip addresses might tell you something.

  • Anything new about this? Could it be related to the Comcast/Xfinity problem others have had recently?

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