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Cannot access Kiwi through DNS [fixed, ISP routing issue?]

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I switched off my router today for about half an hour. After switching back on. I am now not able to access my Kiwi SDR via my DNS address. I can access it on my local network without any problems. I have checked my DNS IP and that seems okay. I have gone into my hub settings and nothing has changed there either. I cannot understand what is going on. Has anybody got any ideas?


  • jksjks
    edited January 2021

    Please always give details when asking for network advice. In this case the full URL, whether the Kiwi is public etc. I was able to determine all this by searching the databases for your call, but it takes time.

    Your Kiwi last updated its public registration info at 13:43 Jan 8 UTC. Nothing since then. Your URL resolves to the same ip address as the registration. So your DDNS is resolving correctly as you note.

    My first guess would be a NAT rule that was set but not saved in the router configuration such that it was lost on router restart. However a curl <kiwi_ip>:8073/status returns "no route to host" instead of the usual timeout, "connection refused" or other more common error. So that's a little odd.

    Traceroute is not a reliable tool anymore for diagnosing routing problems. But the last hop I get before there are no further replies is:

    12 ( 136.067 ms ( 136.048 ms *

    Is BT your provider? Is the Colindale district anywhere near you? It's possible this is a temporary routing problem. But these generally get fixed pretty quickly. It's also possible that your ISP is now actively denying incoming connections. But this being coincident with the router restart seems unlikely. We could rule out some of this by running you on the proxy and seeing what happens. Send an email to if you want to try that.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I did try and include the URL to my Kiwi but I could not get the link to paste into my post, not sure why.

    I will send a support ticket so we can try and get this resolved. I have already had people contacting me asking what is wrong so add like to get it back online as quickly as possible.

    Yes, I am with BT Internet.

  • I just drafted up an email to support and then went to my Kiwi to copy the URL and it is all back online now. Very strange.

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