WSPR Upload Fails?

I've been using the wspr extension the past few days, kinda cool receving a 1 watt station on 160m at 6500 km distance! It seems though, that if I leave wspr on for a long time, say 12 hours or more (no exact figures here), it will stop to upload spots to wsprnet. If I restart (reload the kiwisdr web page) uploading resumes. Running KiwiSDR locally.


  • This would agree with another report we had of huge virtual memory use after many hours of running. So there is likely a memory leak someplace.
  • I should add that decoding inside the wspr module continues as normal. I do a routine of reloading the web page every evening, and that seems to work ok.
  • Okay, I think I know now what this might be. I'll try and get a fix in the next release so everyone can test.
    Thanks for the help!

  • Seems that WSPR in v.1.28 does not decode at all. It is stucked in either sync modus or running modus.
    The WSPR graphics at the top stops after about 1 min

    Verified on different PCs and with other users

  • It's worse than that. ALL extensions stop running after one minute when the "keep-alive" timer goes off (it shouldn't be going off -- that's the bug).

    There were some last minute changes in this area just before the update went out. I thought I had tested them sufficiently. I guess not! lol. Will be fixed in the v1.29 update later today.

    Thanks for alerting me to this.

  • Testing 1.29 now, seems to work fine. Will take a while to see if the original problem is solved :-)
  • The original problem ( uploads stop after some longer amount of time) will still be there as I have not yet done anything about that..

  • 1.34 has been running unattended for some time now, and uploading spots seems to do fine.
  • Thanks for that. Good to know. I looked into the issue of the memory from spot uploads not getting reclaimed ("garbage collected" in Javascript terminology) but I don't think it is an issue.

    However there is a problem with slowly increasing virtual memory growth of the browser process in general (without WSPR running). My guess is something with higher memory use is not getting reclaimed. The most obvious candidate would be the discarded waterfall frames as they scroll off the bottom of the window. There are various browser/Javascript developer tools for finding memory leaks like this. But I need some time to understand how to use them.

  • Chrome itself is a memory eater. I had repeated Chrome window crashes when I ran the Kiwi on a different PC (an old Win7 Dell Latitude), but it runs fine on an i3 Intel NUC with Win10.
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