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Problems with Xfinity / Comcast

I live in the United States, in the state of Florida. I have been using Xfinity / Comcast as my Internet Service Provider (ISP). Over the past few days, Xfinity implemented new security rules that directly effects how home users can set up port forwarding while using an Xfinity router. As a result, my KiwiSDR no longer has a public presence, as they have blocked port 8073. I can still access my Kiwi using a local IP, however.

I just want everyone to know that uses Xfinity / Comcast that you may find that your Kiwi will no longer work for public access.

I'm going to be changing over to a new ISP this weekend myself.


  • jks: No, I have already disabled the security feature and the Kiwi still will not load for public viewing. They have effectively stopped allowing any kind of port forwarding. And people who have complained to Xfinity about this same problem are being told to just get their own routers.

    I am not worried about it, as I am going to be changing ISPs this weekend (something that I planned to do a month ago and not because of this issue). I just thought that anyone else who is using Xfinity might want to know what I've found out.
  • jksjks
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    I see you're using the proxy service. The whole idea of the proxy is to bypass any dependence on port forwarding. So I don't understand what the issue is.
    The connection to is to port 8073 on Not port 8073 on your router.
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    OK, then I don't know what the problem is. I can connect via local IP but not by my public address:
  • jksjks
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    So your Kiwi is not currently configured for the proxy service it seems. But after some checking I found I could connect to it at its current public ip address (on port 8073). On the admin page connect tab you have the menu entry set to "public ip" instead of "reverse proxy". Change it back, restart, and I'll bet you'll be fine.
  • That worked. Thank you. How can I send you some gold bullion? :smile:
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