KiwiSDR not starting anymore


I reflashed my kiwi with the microSDcard (Debian 8 card). After that I can reach the kiwi with ssh, but on port 8073 the webserver does not work. I don't know how to start the server from ssh.

I tried also with the instructions here on the forum (Debian 11, flash via ssh), but it seems that the flash process fails, as one led keeps burning after back-and-forth movement for an half an hour or even longer.

So what can be wrong? I use BBG.

Thanks in advance.



  • Please email you Kiwi serial number to I can look at the server logs and see what info it sent when trying to register for the service.

  • I managed to bring it online again with the old microSDcard/debian 8. It took a while, but everything is ok again. Thanks for your help.

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