Recovering from network problems using a USB-C connection

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I didn´t find a hit like this so far. It thought it might be useful.

When I installed my BB-AI 64 using the flasher image (thanks @jks for providing this!) I was stuck because no IP address was assigned via DHCP (later it turned out that the BB-AI 64 used a fixed IP address of

I remembered the installation instructions from the Beaglebone site that I used months before to get initial access to the BB-AI 64 via the USB-C connector.

So I connected the BB-AI 64 to my Linux Laptop using a USB-C to USB-C cable (Windows should work as well, probably macOS, too). However make sure you power the BB-AI 64 using the external 5 V power plug (especially if the KiwiSDR board is mounted)!

This way a serial port and one or two network interfaces will appear on the connected computer (no drivers needed, seems to be USB class compliant).

The serial port (ttyACM...) can be used to login to the BB-AI 64 (even as "root"!), as well as the network interfaces (the BB-AI 64 uses fixed IP addresses and/or On the network interfaces the sshd configuration applies, which means that "root" login is probably prohibited. In that case login as "debian" (in my case the initial password was the serial number of the V1 KiwiSDR board, this might be different for V2 boards) and use "su" to get root access.

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