From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.684,685 May 31, 2024

  Antenna switch:

    If switch selector set to disabled no default antenna commands are sent to previously

      selected switch. (thanks N8OOU)

    Setting thunderstorm mode should now override default antenna actions.

    Custom backend scripts can now be placed in /root/kiwi.config and will be found provided

      the name conforms to the standard "ant-switch-backend-(name)" convention. (thanks DL3LED)


  • With arduino shield and I still have to open an admin-window and switch the antenna mixing deny No to Yes and back again (mixing allowed) to get "greens" for what is selected.

    IE in toggle mode there is no indication of what is selected only in text what last command was, eg "t1" but can be antenna 1 unselected with antenna 3 still in.

    73:s / Kenneth

  • Hi,

    Have found the same problem. Decided to make my own antenna switch since have all material to build and the most practical/clean way to make with arduino netshield instead soldering all the wires to the BBB gpios and running it to the switch box. The advantage is also the switch box can be elswere in the building and you provide just an UTP cable or even WiFi if more practical. The arduino code can be easly modified to work with NANO 33 IoT which has WiFi module onboard (CAUTION to consifer if you just switch between regular NANO or NANO 33 the last is 3.3V only!!!)...

    Before making the design tested if arduino netshield is working. If antenna mixing is not allowed all works fine and on Kiwi user interface is shown the correct status. If you allow antenna mixing the status isn't updated when changed. In mixing mode allowed Kiwi server is sending correct commands and arudino applies them but just the status is not updated. By checking arduino on serial monitor it returns the status correctly and also interrogating it with "curl" returns the correct status correctly.

    Checking the monitor found when any change command is sent arduino code returns the status after change. Kiwi is sending additional "q" command to get status again. At the end doesn't matter if this is needed by the ant extention. "q" command isn't present in the arduino code but as it works will return the current status what ever command is sent and not in code...

    Have checked what happens if I select in the Kiwi admin/extentions the Beagle-gpio variant. In this case the status update works when mixing is allowed. So guess a problem when you have the arduino netshield. Cannot test other supported devices since don't have them. And with my limited knowledge of course don't know if is ant_extention code problem or Kiwi server. By checking the Change log noticed something was done to the arduino netshield in v1.683. Currently I'm running v1.686.

    As have the idea how to make the switching box, have intention to put inside an attenuator and a low pass filter to exclude MW if user wants (here in Europe we have problems with strong signals during the night). For this porpose would need antenna mixing to put them in line or pass trough.

    For future versions could be possible to implement that mixing is allowed only for particular antennas? For reason if you have filters or attenuators which you want to mix but not acctual antennas. If easier can get involved for modifing arduino code if easier to implement or looking at the ant-extention code. For this particular hardware a new device can be added to the list so will not influence users with current arduino netshield who are happy with it...

    Sorry for being long and for now not understanding which part is handeled by ant-extention and Kiwi server...

    73 Andrej - S57RW

  • Hi,

    Just noted and think what sm0ohc above wanted to say also after beagle reboot even if ant mixing was allowed it will be set to not allowed after reboot. Seems the setting isn't saved.

    73 Andrej - S57RW

  • Guys,

    I have modified the Arduino netshield script to work using both the Arduino UNO-R4 WiFi and the Arduino Nano ESP32. The status update on the Kiwi screen was unpredictable. I found the Initialize section of the Arduino backend script hard codes a timeout value to 2 seconds and suppresses error messages. Increasing the timeout to 4 corrected the status update, but sometimes the response takes the full 4 seconds.

    I used the relay modules suggested in a previous thread. I have the switch just bread-boarded together at this time, but am seeing a lot of signal getting to the Kiwi even in the grounded positions. I am thinking that a lot of shielding work is going to be required using those modules. I am also picking up a lot of RFI from the Arduino boards. Right now I am scratching my head trying to decide how to proceed.

    Mike N8OOU 73

  • Hi Mike,

    I modified the Arduino sketch to work on Nano 33 IoT over WiFi. As mentioned above it works fine if in the admin console the antenna mixing IS NOT allowed. If I change to allow antenna mixing than when you select a certain antenna all the antenna buttons get white as non would be selected. But checking the arduino gpios it accepts the commands correctly just the status has a problem with update. Heve checked the network traffic between Kiwi and Nano IoT and the arduino is replaying with antenna status correctly.

    If you have the Arduino can you check if you have the same issue if you enable to allow antenna mixing? So I can see if I'm doing something wrong at my side.

    When I switch back from mixing allowed to NOT allowed Kiwi requests status and display it back correctly. So the issue is only somewhere when mixing is enabled.

    For now I'm testing only the arduino. In coming days will start to design a PCB for the switch. 1st some bread boarding to test if the concept works. RFI is an important part to deal with. Usually breadbording with a nest of wires around isn't the best for RFI 😃

    Maybe we should move this discussion in a separate thread since has nothing to do with the subject v.1.685...

    73 Andrej - s57rw

  • Andrej;

    Yes, I have found the Kiwi does not handle Antenna Mixing well (or at all) using the Arduino Netshield device. Also the mixing option does not stay set over a number of situations like a BBB/G reboot. I have found a couple other issues as well, and communicated them to JKS over direct email a few weeks ago. He has been addressing problems I found over the past several releases.

    What you describe about checking the Arduino responses to the kiwi commands is fine, but with the options specified in the backend scripts, the Curl that is run on the BBB/G can error off before it receives the real response from your Arduino. You won't know when/if that situation happened.

    I agree this is not appropriate place for this discussion. Feel free to send me a PM or email.

    Mike N8OOU 73

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