KiwiSDR 2: reverse proxy will be enabled by default

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And in a bit of good news: Every Kiwi-2 will have the reverse proxy enabled by default to make it easier for you to find on your local network. As well as immediately use it from the Internet. The Kiwi will not be made public by default -- just accessible from the Internet by default (by you since you'll know your serial number).

So reachable by serial number, e.g. Note that it will no longer be necessary to add the port number ":8073" to the end of the link.

You can of course immediately reconfigure from the admin page to use a proxy host name of your choice (if not already taken). Or change to another of the existing networking options (DDNS, static IP, your own domain name, etc). Or add a user connection password (admin page, security tab) so someone trying random serial numbers can't access yours.

If you don't need the proxy then you shouldn't use it because it does slow down the waterfall a bit. Particularly if you're just connecting to a Kiwi on your local network.

After a period of time (6 months?) there will be a small recurring charge for continuing to use the proxy. Like the cost of a beer or coffee drink in your country (to be fair) per month, quarter, year or something (TBD).

Users who make their Kiwi's public will get the proxy service for free. Existing Kiwi-1 proxy users will be grandfathered in for free. New Kiwi-1 proxy users will then start to be accepted again under the recurring charge terms.

The money will be used in part to add additional proxy servers closer to their users (especially Europe). This will also give us a degree of failover redundancy (although this hasn't been much of a problem so far).


  • Since this is HAM related, we could possibly reserve some ham space out of 44/9 for the proxy project.

    depending on country this could be from the countries prefix, or we could ask ARDC for a specific subnet just for this.

    if this sounds interresting, hit me up and I’ll get you in contact with Chis or I could get you some space in Belgium as I am the coordinator for Belgium

  • Not necessary or needed. The primary use of the proxy is to overcome ISPs that disallow incoming network connection establishment.

    I personally have a very dim view of ARDC and what they did with that IP space. As far as I'm concerned they, and ICAAN in general, should be in Internet jail. But that's just the rantings of this old fool..

  • THANK YOU from all of us StarLink users.

    I've been granted the use of reverse proxy service for over a year now. It works flawless on the Chicago StarLink server.

    Thanks again,

    Rich - K9DXI

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