Uploading pictuers to opening screen on kiwi .

Hi kiwi owners i have tried to upload pictures into the opening screen . How can i manage to let the pictures fill the whole wide of the screen . i have maked af picture with 2 images on . but if i uploaded i i only get the first on the picture . I use hight 350

Are there a simple trick to do it .

Best regards Erik OZ1KVB kiwi owner.


  • Is the 'Photo left margin' selected in the admin/webpage ?

    I had to edit the image to make it fit as I wanted it to, but the position still varies depending upon the browser in use, and the page magnification that may have been set by the user.

    I added a black section to the left and right of my image so that it was the correct format for the header at different magnifications and so that I could also add some overlaid text, but some experimentation is required to get the best fit.


    350 x 1250 pixels may be a good starting point to try.



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