Uploading pictures to opening screen on kiwi. [fixed in v1.664]

Hi kiwi owners i have tried to upload pictures into the opening screen . How can i manage to let the pictures fill the whole wide of the screen . i have maked af picture with 2 images on . but if i uploaded i i only get the first on the picture . I use hight 350

Are there a simple trick to do it .

Best regards Erik OZ1KVB kiwi owner.


  • Is the 'Photo left margin' selected in the admin/webpage ?

    I had to edit the image to make it fit as I wanted it to, but the position still varies depending upon the browser in use, and the page magnification that may have been set by the user.

    I added a black section to the left and right of my image so that it was the correct format for the header at different magnifications and so that I could also add some overlaid text, but some experimentation is required to get the best fit.


    350 x 1250 pixels may be a good starting point to try.



  • I have a KiwiSDR 2...and having issues with this as well, but can't get the background picture to change at all. Currently, not public while I sort out bugs...

    But when I try and upload a background picture, I get an error about file type? I've tried jpg, gif, png.... Picture is 350x622 pixels....

    Do I need to have NO autorun channels going or something?



  • Hi Nate,

    I don't know why you are experiencing this problem.

    Background autorun doesn't have any effect on the image being displayed.

    Could it be a problem with your image editor od choice appending the file with something that the KiWi doesn't like ?



  • @Nate_R Try a different browser maybe? I forget the details, but I believe the upload stuff depends heavily on the browser handling HTML forms correctly.

  • jksjks
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    Also, look on the admin log tab for a message of the form: PHOTO UPLOAD REQUESTED from (IP address) len=(number) Is the number a reasonably large value that might correspond to the size of your photo file?

  • Martin, I doubt it's the image editor...I just resized a photo in MS Paint as a test. Tried another image, too. Same result.

    jks: Tried using Edge instead of Chrome, got the same error. Tried a different photo/file with the same result.

    Log says this as below, which 170k is about right for the picture size.

    xFri Feb 16 19:33:30 03:59:34.848 0123        PHOTO UPLOAD REQUESTED from 10.51.xxx.xx len=171463
    Fri Feb 16 19:33:30 03:59:34.910 0123        AJAX_PHOTO: data=0x82c9adf data_len=171274 "tpckiwisdr.jpg" rc=3

    Should I need to restart the server when I upload a picture or should it save/update immediately? I don't get any message saying I must restart... but I do if I uncheck the "Left Margin" box.

    Tried restarting it anyway after trying to upload a picture and still just have the PCB photo. I have NOT restarted the Beagle for any of this, though.



  • Another note that someone else noted a comm error with trying to do this here: https://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/17720/#Comment_17720

  • "comm error" and "unable to determine file type" are two very different errors.

    The Kiwi server side does some checking to make sure you're really uploading an image file and not something nefarious. Is there some way I could connect to this Kiwi as admin and check what's going on? If so, please send Kiwi-2 proxy URL and current admin password to the support email.

  • Okay, try it again please. Should work now.

    The problem is that in Debian 11 the Linux "file" command is not present in the distro by default. It has to be installed manually. So I'll add that to the Kiwi Makefile in the next release.

    Can you imagine something as basic as "file" not being in GNU coreutils or whatever? Who would make a change like that? These kids today..

  • Amazing that command wasn't in the default!

    Works now, thank you!



  • Ah, that's why I didn't have any problems, as I've yet to bite the bullet and upgrade to Debian 11.

    I think I wait a while longer if problems like this occur, especially if something this basic is missing.

    However, I'm pleased that you managed to resolve it.



  • Got the same image upload problem with my brand new KiwiSDR2.

    I'll just wait for the next update!

    73, Albert PA3GUK

  • I'm trying to get an update out as soon as I can..

  • It's working fine now since the latest update!


  • Just got my K2 and I can't get the photo to upload using Firefox or Safari on a Macbook Air. What file format and pixel size are allowed? Thanks.

  • If you have just got your K2, it may not so far have updated to the latest version.

    Have you tried doing this manually via the admin interface ?

    Almost any image size about 350 pixels tall, can be made to fit, but you may have to try rescaling it a few times to get the aspect ratio and margins correct. I added a black background section to the left-hand side of my images, so that any html text I added would show up more clearly.

    I have used both jpg and png formats without any problems.



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    Update did the trick! Thank you.

    KiwiSDR 2, v1.664, 4 SDR channels, 12 GPS channels | Uptime: 0:25:45 | UTC: 17:43 | Local: 09:43 America/Los Angeles (PST)

    Debian 11.8

    "Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:123.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/123.0"

    Now to work on a better antenna.

  • "Now to work on a better antenna"

    Ha, good luck, that's where the fun starts.

    As soon as you can 'see' a continuous swathe of spectrum from 0 to 30MHz with a KiWi, you begin to realise just how much noise and interference is present, that you never noticed before.

    Initially getting the KiWi up and running is just the first stage of the journey...



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    Trying to upload a photo I get "communication error" but I don't see what communication I do wrong...


    it has meanwhile worked!

    The device was updating software for a while and after that it was easy.



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