More than one .....some questions.

OK, I confess up front, I am an antenna designer, not a software person....done!

I have read this entire discussion and frankly, I am somewhat confused.


1) Home network, not shared with public

2) Have one Kiwi on line, but 2 more on the shelf. Want to use 2 then maybe all 3.

3) Have a need to monitor 8 channels simultaneously.

4) Need low impact explanation of how to do this....i.e. step by step

5) I saw an explanation about breaking the the blended audio into 4 streams so volume can be controlled on each, but can no longer locate that discussion..

I really could use the groups help here. I can reciprocate by helping you with and RF / antenna questions. Been designing them for 40 years!


  • antenna comparison project?

  • Take a look at the wsprdaemon project for how they've set things up to save the wav file from each listener channel onto another device, if you need to get multiple streams of audio to elsewhere, (watch the space requirement though, it adds up pretty quickly!).

    When you say "monitor 8 channels at once" would just opening eight browser windows simultaneously function for your purpose?

  • the wsprdaemon approach is pretty slick. I have 2 14 ch kiwi/BB-AI units and record 28 channels at once with a little Odroid XU4 SBC

  • Is the first step to get two independent Kiwis on line and receiving?

  • I'm always up for an antenna project......

    My setup is that I use a military active antenna (made in Germany) it feeds a Delta Electronics active 8 channel distribution amp. (MCX-8) I only cover 100 kHz ~ 30 MHz.

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    Got it. I use a homebrew 4 port active distribution amp for my multi Kiwi setup.

    You should just be able to clone the setup (through your admin page access) of your 2nd kiwi exactly the same as your first, and just define the 2nd radio to a different port address . The first will likely be set as 8073 and you can define the 2nd as 8074 . Look at the text in the CONNECT tab of your setup and there's mention of doing what you're looking to do. I use an account at noip for both the radios respond to the same "virtual" address and 8074

    I think you should also define the IP addresses locally in your LAN configuration for both kiwis . This defines the local- to- your- router IP address of your kiwi to a specific MAC address (the unique hardware identifier of your KIWI) so that when your LAN reboots , everything is defined as it was BEFORE it rebooted.

    I had never been under the hood of my Linksys router before but was able to get this going and stable.

    Others-- how far off the reservation have I gone? :-)

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