Bot appears on 517 khz with rapidly changing IP address

Last night I was getting a channel camper on 517 khz (USB I think...)
When I kicked it, it would re-appear with a new IP address...
I did IP blocking for a bit but it became clear that it would keep coming up with a new IP address...
So I added a LOGIN passwd to the Kiwi and the camper-spoofer went away.

Anyone else seen this?


  • Interesting, I do wonder what the motivation is, could be just people testing their coding skills I suppose with no malicious intent.
    If the range of IP's is similar just block a wider IP range. E,G. rather than do
    If you did that every day you could eventually block a genuine user, but it would take a surprisingly long time (I have found).

    Will watch logs for similar actors but I already have many IP ranges blocked at the router out of pure spite ;-p.
  • Might be someone sampling Navtex (490, 518 kHz) data. The Kiwi Navtex decoder extension tunes to 517.5/CW so the default CW passband center is at 500 Hz for the FSK decoder. But custom sampling code might be tuning to 517/USB where the 1 kHz offset of 518 kHz would still be within the default USB passband. This is a little inefficient as the passband is wider than it needs to be for optimal FSK decoding. But who knows..
  • Could this simply be someone using a VPN that assigns a new IP address each time it reconnects ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
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