WSPR on 80m

I noticed this message on the WSPR net, do you know if this has / could be accommodated on the Kiwi,

Please note, the WSPRNet site has been updated to reflect the change to the 80m WSPR frequency which is now 3.568600 MHz USB.

Thank you to K1JT and G4ZFQ for pointing this out.

73 Gary W1GJM


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    Isn't it already there?

    and the precise frequency can be manually adjusted after the band selection has been made in the extension.
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    if you want to catch all the 80M spots, you need to do both old and new sub-bands, they are both still active
  • Its the ref to JA that threw me. If that the new place to hang out for 80, then it would be best to refer to it as preferred or by Region as that the usual format?
  • Manual adjustments for the allocation of auto WSPR slots for unused slices?
  • on my chart I think of them as 80 and 80eu
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