kiwirecorder noise [fixed]

I want to record speech signals with the kiwirecorder with this configuration:

~/kiwiclient/ -s -p 8073 --freq=7157.00 -m lsb

However, the recorded audio files are extremely noisy and completely different to the audio stream I receive when I connect to the kiwi device over (with the same parameters)
Can I solve this problem by changing some parameters of the kiwirecorder? Or is the audio stream processed differently on the OpenWebRx-platform?


  • With kiwirecorder you always have to specify the passband in addition to the mode. So add the parameters "-L -2700 -H -300" for a 2400 Hz wide lsb passband. Adjust as needed.
  • Along with the "--nb" option I just added, the latest kiwirecorder now has passband defaults for all the modulation modes. So if you say "--lsb" without specifying the passband with "-L/-H" it will use the same default passband as the Kiwi browser interface.
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