WSPR and who is logged on

When you start WSPR, you lose the ability to see who is using the other slots. Since most WSPR waterfall etc occurs mid-screen, could that logged on info be added below the wspr window?


  • Just to note: if this a Kiwi you have admin access to then the user list is available on the admin page (status tab)

  • I'd like to not have to open a second window for admin
  • I understand. I was just pointing out there was another source. A general, well thought-out overhaul of the UI needs to be done.

  • Hi,

    Maybe the user info could be put on the top banner where there seems to be plenty of space.

    The pop out panel which gets hidden by any extensions that are running could then be removed.

    Maybe if multiple extensions are being run they could overlay each other with tabs on the edge ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
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