no IP-Adress is given


i have a problem with a new KIWI

if i cvonnect the KIWI at an Router, the become no IP-Adress i see ist Wired, but no IP on the Router-Diagnostic.

The LED-Procedure is also no Answer of a Static or Dynamic IP

the BeagleBone LEDS make followiing Sequence ba Startup:

1) each LED gos on cascadic, if all 4 are on the go all of

2) LEDs 1 and 4 flashes any Time

3) LED 1 ( at the left Side) has a perodic double Flash non ends

i have tries to restore with the SD-Card, but no bether situation after

what i do wrong?



  • an update is likely in process and can takes 30 minutes +

  • When you restore using the sd card does the LED pattern match what is described in the documentation ?

    • Back-and-forth pattern for about 5 minutes.
    • All LEDs on for about 30 second.
    • All LEDs off andBeagle powers down.

    After that, and removing sd card, power up again with the Ethernet connection to the Internet attached. Leave it sit for 1 hour. Then try and determine the ip address again using and/or the ip address pattern in the LEDs.

  • No absolutli not.

    the 4 LEDs go's on one Time at startup with Card

    then the LED 1 and 4 flashes 3-4 times any.

    and after gos LED 1 in front in a double blink, any second


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    Hi @ThomasGull, try flashing the latest Debian 10 to microSD card from then remove  KiwiSDR cape, insert microSD card into BBG, press and hold "USER" button and power up the board via a micro USB cable.

    When the LED's start cyclical flashing, release the button and wait until flashing complet and board goes shutdown (all LEDs off).

    Unplug the power cord and remove the microSD card, then attach KiwiSDR cape, plugin Ethernet cable and power on.

    It will take you about 40 minutes to fully update the software to the current version.

  • No, no, no. PLEASE don't tell him to mess with Debian 10 right now. I don't think he's following the correct procedure to restore from the Kiwi sd card given the LED patterns he's reporting. It sounds like it's just the usual Debian pattern. So for some reason the sd card isn't being booted from.

    Will someone please help him restore from the original Kiwi sd card? I can't spend time on this right now.

    I had my laptop fail last week and I'm struggling to recover my files. It's a complete disaster. I've lost months of work..

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    He can do this procedure with Debian 8 image or original card too, but the original microSD card might be damage, I think it's a good idea to re-write the image from the official site to another microSD. :)

  • Thank thats posible, i will check to take a new card, ot make it one?

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    How can i make a card?

    Download the software from Github but then create it as a bootable SD with which program and how I'm a little unsure how to do it.

  • You don't need to involve Github. Please follow the instructions here:

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