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All Kiwis are stuttering - since today [fixed in v1.546]

edited July 2022 in Problems Now Fixed

The waterfall slowly moves a bit, it halts, it continues, it stops - and so on.

I checked several Kiwis.

My internet connection is 400 Mbit/s symmetrical - so that should suffice...

May I ask "Mr Kiwi" to check this issue? Thanks in advance.

Vy 55 es 73 de F1VAM



  • Correction: This one works normal

  • The HFDL decoder in 1.546 no longer has the stations and the bands drop-down menus. They were present in 1.544. I am missing those.

    Rather than starting a new topic, maybe I could just say it here.

  • Restart to get a fix in v1.547

  • How ti do a restart ??

  • jksjks
    edited July 2022

    For your own Kiwi? Bring up the admin page, select the "control" tab, and click the KiwiSDR server restart button. This assumes you have auto updates enabled.

    If you're talking about other Kiwis that you just listen to, and they haven't updated to v1.547 or later, then there is nothing you can do except wait for them to update, assuming you're using Firefox to listen. Because this problem only happens with Firefox version 103. Just switch to another browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) to listen to a Kiwi running a pre-v1.547 version if you're using Firefox 103.

  • I'm having the same KiWi waterfall/audio 'stuttering ' problem (every 1/2 second) on the North Utah SDR. The kiwi version there says V1.543. There is also a flashing "audio underrun" warning(?). together with the speaker icon flashing on and off.

    On other SDR's with kiwi, all is well.

    I first noticed this problem in late July/2022.

    ?? how do I 'restart' kiwi?

    ?? how do I force an update?

    Other ideas/comments ???

  • Thanks JKS.

    My waterfall/audio stuttering problem is listening to other KiWi SDRs.

    My primary KiWi SDR is "" and has the stutter problem. Their KiWi version is 1.543. My FireFox version is 103.

    A few other KiWi SDRs do NOT have the stuttering.

    So it looks like, as you mentioned, I'll need to await the Utah SDR/KiWi update to 1.547 (or higher?).

  • jksjks
    edited July 2022

    Yes, for "other" Kiwis (any that you don't have administrative access to) there is nothing you can do to fix this problem except to use a browser other than Firefox version 103. Use Chrome or something and you'll be fine. Until the Kiwi owner updates their software.

    A lot of Kiwi owners/admins don't have auto updates enabled (for whatever reason) so don't get fixes to problems like this in a timely manner. I have no idea why is running v1.543 That version is very old.

  • JKS you pretty much nailed it!

    The kiwi is behind on updates.

    I tried the Chrome bowser and WaLa .... the kiwi is working OK ..... no audio or WF stuttering.


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